Production process

Several years ago, Brevetti Stendalto chose to differentiate between standard catalogue products, customised products, and engineered project-specific solutions.

Hence, the company has been able to maximise the effectiveness of its offer to customers in various ways:
  • standard products always guarantee the quality and performance which are typically requested in serial-production markets;
  • customised products enable customers to get a perfect Brevetti Stendalto match to any product from competition, which is an important advantage because cable chains have no internationally recognised manufacturing standards;
  • engineered solutions are tailor made after the unique requirements of a single specific project.

Brevetti Stendalto’s moulding injection plant is located in Mesero, a small town close to Monza’s headquarters. There, nylon parts are produced around the clock with fully automated processes.
Our raw materials are accurately selected and purchased from leading OEMs. Compounds are mixed in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment with highly accurate weighing systems, and carefully controlled.
They are then automatically delivered to moulding machines through a piping system that guarantees no contamination of the material with the outside environment. The work parameters of the moulding machines are constantly monitored, filed, and trackable. Production is programmed according to consumption estimates defined by a web-based MRP which can also be accessed remotely.
Moulds are regularly maintained in order to guarantee the repeated production of products with the same technical characteristics at any time. Brevetti Stendalto has its own specialised workshop for moulds, with a specific CAD-CAM software, electrical discharge machines, and CNC machine tools.
After moulding, products are automatically deburred and pre-assembled.

Brevetti Stendalto’s Monza headquarters are home to the company’s main warehouse for pre-assembled components and finished chains.
Purchase orders are processed in the daytime, and order confirmations are automatically sent to customers overnight. At the same time, an automated warehouse prepares the necessary products based on orders and delivery dates.
Chains are assembled by highly skilled operators at special work benches. Every chain is checked by another operator after assembly, in order to minimise mistakes.

This production process enables Brevetti Stendalto to offer the highest quality standards to all customers, from project-specific solutions to high-volume productions.

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