Everything is now quick and easy


Smart Channel is a quick and easy solution designed to install a cable chain system in a very short time. This BS system was developed with very simple components and a light weight design. Everything is now quick and simple. The system can be assembled at a rate of 40 seconds per meter. The reduced dimensions help to maximize the usable space below the crane. The chain can be used to manage many different utilities including cables, air tubing, and optical fibers to only name a few.

Welcome to industry 4.0


Brevetti Stendalto offers a wide range of Products and services. Every year new products are introduced into the market to satisfy new demands created by the most challenging applications. The Intelligent cable chain system is one of the latest developments to protect cables, hoses, other utilities and the chain itself.

ESDS - Extra Stress Dectection System: a continuos technological evolution

SPS ICP Drives Parma


An Exhibition Focused on the Economic Recovery and Growth Created by New Technologies and Industry 4.0
SPS IPC DRIVES Parma, the main reference exhibition for industrial automation market, has finished a few days ago.

Many signals for multiple applications


Research and Innovation always in constant movement
Brevetti Stendalto, aligned to the continuous technological development, offers a range of flexible and extra-flexible cables, built with the latest technologies and manufactured according to technical requirements, gained after 40years of knowledge of the market of cable chains.

Brevetti Stendalto’s Great Performance


Eight huge cable chains for cantilever and thirty-two “skid box” chains for offshore applications will leave Brevetti Stendalto in the next few days, destined to four new platforms CJ50 that are being built at Shanhaiguan Shipyard, China. Huge chains stainless steel made AISI316  (a total weight of about 55,000 Kg) ready in three months and an half from the order’s date: really a great performance!


Stainless Steel - Brevetti Stendalto


The “L” version is the new Serie of the steel chains born in our Technical Dept. as evolution of Brevetti’s traditional steel chains. This new chain has been designed to have few components making the installation and the maintenance process easier and faster.

When the game is “heavy duty”


BS has recently projected and realized the new chains of the H series, particularly suitable for being used in applications such as: tool machines, big factories, offshore and inshore, cranes and lifting apparati.

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