Cable chains for robotics

Multiflex series

Multiflex chain has been engineered for multi-dimensional movements with special focus on robot applications and new generation machining centers. This chain completes the range of products included in Brevetti Stendalto’s robot series and offer to the option to dress completely the robots trough a single supplier. The chain is completely closed but easy to open and easy to wire thanks to the covers that can be simply removed by means of a screwdriver. Every part of the chain can be internally inspected opening the covers at any point. Easily shortenable and easily extendable.
Type Ø Int
Ø Est
Ø max for cables
Bending Radius
H [mm]
Opening Cover
MFC65 63 77 20 100 177

Robot series

Brevetti Stendalto’s Robot Series is specifically designed for rotary motion. This revolutionary concept was launched by Brevetti more than 40 years ago, and is popular still today. It allows to cover rotational travels up to 540° thanks to the special design of the chain links. Chain are robust and stable, in order to guarantee good performance even at high speed. Typical applications are automated machines, welding and handling robots. Go through the menu in the chart below to identify the chain that best suits your application.
Type Inner Width
Inner Height
Outer Width
Outer Height
Bending Radius
Diameter Opening Cover
Inner Outer Inn. (R ) Ext.(R)
500 68,5 30 86,5 43 100 - 150 630 830
495 45 35 69 45 100 600 755
545 100 46 123 62 100 485 760
515TN 88 46 132 55 175 1060 1340
510TN 88 46 132 55 125 940 1220
599 210 59 272 85 220 1400 2000
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