Customised solutions

Cable chains are a mechanical component for which no established international standards exist. They are therefore not a product subject to norms and standards. For this reason, every manufacturer designs their own cable chains without dimensional constraints. As a consequence, a customer wishing to change supplier might face the need to modify fixation interfaces. Based on customers’ needs, in Brevetti Stendalto, we differentiate over three customisation levels for our products:

This is our standard product, the result of years of proven experience and tests on both products and materials. The characteristics of these products are defined on our catalogue and technical datasheets.

COSTUMISED PRODUCT It is obtained by applying minor variations to a Catalogue Product, for example regarding materials (e.g. special compounds studied for application in specific environments), shape or accessories (e.g. brackets modified to match customer’s interfaces, or products studied to respond to specific application requirements). Customised Products meet customers’ needs by exploiting the proven reliability and performances of Catalogue Products.

SYSTEM A System is the combination of multiple products (chains, cables, hoses) or mechanical elements (e.g. containment frames, support systems, accessories for movable point, etc.), which requires dedicated engineering, sometimes co-designed with the customer.

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