Our services

Before sales:

  • 2D/3D libraries ready for use;
  • easy selection of products through a specific configurator;
  • helpdesk for technical support to customers.

During sales:

  • 2D/3D drawings and implementation of products into customers’ equipment;
  • FEM analysis of products applied as foreseen by the customer, with simulation of active forces;
  • specific tests on products in case of critical applications.

After sales:

  • Installation of the supplied products, or supervision of customer’s installation, and commissioning, by our specialists. Once we confirm that product installation is acceptable, we release a declaration to guarantee system performance which relieves the customer from responsibilities associated with installation defects. In this case, all supplied materials are covered by a 36-month warranty beginning on the declaration day.
  • On-site assistance and support can be requested as part of service contracts. Our team offers 24/7 services every day of the year and everywhere in the world.
  • Fast service in case of equipment shutdown: inspection within 48 hours of notice, and priority production of the components required to restore equipment operation.
  • Training of personnel expected to handle our products.
  • Planned inspections and maintenance. Whenever zero down-time is crucial, planned maintenance is necessary to prevent wearing and malfunctioning of the equipment with the chain, and keep it perfectly operative. Planned inspections allow to monitor the status of the equipment and coordinate planned maintenance. Contract warranty terms are extended in both cases.
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